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My Step-Daughter’s biological father lives in Minneapolis and he has a bench warrant out for his arrest for Battery and disorderly conduct from an incident with my wife. Both charges are misdemeanors. I am wondering if I know where he lives, can I provide the local police in Minnesota with his information so they will serve him his warrant? I know that the county in Wisconsin will not go and get him in Minnesota.

Answer by davidmi711
States historically do not pay for extradition for misdemeanor cases. As such there is not much they can do.

Answer by trooper3316
Wisconsin does not extradite for misdemeanors. Battery and disorderly conduct are both misdemeanors.

He can not be arrested unless he returns to Wisconsin, or unless the District Attorney files a felony warrant.

Answer by Diana B
“I know that the county in Wisconsin will not go and get him in Minnesota”

They can’t – they have no jurisdiction to get him in another state.

Generally, what has to happen is for MN to get him, notify WI and wait for them to pick him up – once he’s been through and lost an extradition proceeding, and once WI has decided that they want him (likely since I think the two states are next to each other). MN can pick him up on anything – if he’s in car that’s stopped, even if he’s not driving it or otherwise suspected of committing a crime, if they do a warrant check that turns up the BW, they can hold him.

Was he on bail when he left? His bail bondsmen might also want that info.

If you know where he is, find out what law enforcement agency (like a sherriff’s dept.) controls that area, then call them to see if they have a warrant-recovery squad.