Sonoma County Arrest Warrant 2014

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What happened in order to Maurice Wolin, the doctor who had been caught about Dateline? The court particular date was Nov, 2 .
Only curious to verify if money plus influence performed a role in the sentencing…

Answer by simply Drew
He previously been priced with robbery and an effort to agree a obscene and lacivious act upon a youngster under the associated with 14.

The particular burglary value arose by his connection into a house with intentions of commit one other crime. That will charge, thought about a lesser value, was fell at the November 2 hearing and seeing.

“Maurice Wolin, 48, remains to be facing expenses in Sonoma County Top-quality Court involving attempting to agree a obscene and lascivious act upon a youngster under the associated with 14.

Wolin is slated to appear once again in the courtroom for a early hearing in 8: thirty a. michael. on December. 4, Sonoma County Mouthpiece District Attorney Juliette Olson explained. At the hearing and seeing, the determine will assess if there is adequate evidence in order to warrant an endeavor. ”

— report inside the Contra Bahía Times by simply Linda Davis