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Here’s a few for me:

Megan Fox : She began out fairly, but fame received to her head. She now has a enormous ego, she looks faux, and she’s wayyyy way too tan.

Michael Jackson : Yeah, it is unhappy that he’s useless. But significantly folks, the man was NOT the hero everyone created him out to be. The dude was a train wreck and couldn’t even choose if he needed to be white or black. I mostly just truly feel sorry FOR him, not ABOUT him.

Invoice Maher, Jonathan Stewart, David Letterman : These a few all suit into the same classification. Their egos are way also big and they just have this “holier than thou” issue likely on like they know Almost everything and are always right.

Katy Perry : We get it, your a lesbian. Ya freak. “oh search at me, I want interest”…what an AIRHEAD.

Bam Margera : Grow UP you spoiled friggin brat. If I was his dad I would have whooped his ass prolonged ago.

There’s really so many more….these are just off the leading of my head.

Reply by Joey Boy
jonas brothers and their groupies

Answer by Mrs. derek jeter
Johanas brothers fo sho dislike em

I actally believe katty perry is sizzling lol

I dislike mj fucking perve

Kevin youkalus he pises me off and his identify is difficult to spell

Miley cirus- she’s not hot at all

Response by King Khameleon
Paris Hilton. She can not look to maintain her clothes on and she’s not significantly to appear at.

Sarah Palin. Each time she talks a mind cell dies in someone’s head. Thank goodness she fell on her possess sword. I was commencing to consider that this hockey mom might be the severe Republican nominee for president. She nevertheless could be a nominee, but now she’s a joke which is not funny anymore.

Ann Coulter. Every single other word out of her mouth is an insult. She requirements to open up her mouth so we can put a bar of cleaning soap in.

Britney Spears. Well at the very least she’s studying that it is achievable to use underwear and be well-liked. Sadly she still are unable to sing.

Cheney. The dude helped destroy The usa and he just is not going to go absent. Any person have a hose or an arrest warrant?

A-Rod. That man needs to stop sleeping about and focus on baseball.

Rudy Guiliani. Each and every time he smiles I toss up a minor in my mouth. The very same goes for Micheal Bloomberg (New York mayor). Each have the worst bogus smiles in American historical past.

Jon and Kate. They need to cease whining, drop their truth display and go to counseling. They ought to do it for the youngsters.

Donald Trump. The man presents guidance as if we care what he thinks. Who is he? What did he achieve? The dude has an ego the dimension of California.

Madonna. She requirements to stop acquiring kids and be a mom to her existing group of children. Also people children want a father. She demands to cease taking part in with guys youthful ample to be her son and get married.

Angelina Jolie. 1st she kissed her brother. She experienced a vial close to her neck with her husband’s blood. She stole Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend. She could not continue to be married. Now she can’t quit importing little ones. Her and Brad Pitt want to quit enjoying residence and get married. The a single good issue about her is that she is a UN goodwill ambassador and crusades towards poverty.

Lindsay Lohan. She demands to get locked in an establishment just like Britney was. Also, she demands a guardian to get manage of her affairs. She also needs an individual to get a swap to her, because her mother certainly did minor to increase her and Jamie Lynn Spears (her sister).