George Soros Arrest Warrant 2013


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RT @ken24xavier: United State’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin: Russia Concerns Global Arrest Warrant For Rothschild Henchman &amp Leftist Sav…

the explanation why I failed to contain any link in my query is because none of the back links are from nicely identified websites like cnn, bbc etc

you can look for for a lot more details on google despite the fact that I do have a sensation that it is fake

Answer by Colonel Jack Fessender (Ret.)
As we all know, Putin is a man’s gentleman and a beacon of flexibility. Reality.

Answer by Radical Typical Perception
Very first I’ve listened to of it, but the gentleman belongs in prison

Response by Forget War Purchase Far more
No. Putin does not have that electrical power. If an global arrest warrant were created it would be by way of ICJ in any other case this would read through like an inappropriate energy grab.

Edit: That is simply because if you know something Fundamental about international relations you would know that this premise is absurd.




  1. Nancy says:

    No, Soros is free to travel around the world, with out fear of arrest, unlike GWB

  2. Feldwebel Schultz says:

    Sure. Guess in fantasyland, he issued that along with that other tower of thought and world leader, Glenn Beck!

    Hilarious! Just hilarious!

    Amusing how the cretins of the fascist ultra-right have demonized Soros, whilst ignoring the Koch brothers’ cynical and monstrous direct intrusion into political life.

    Great joke!

  3. Vwwvvwvwv says:

    Soros is five years older than Ron Paul. That makes him simply too old to be a threat to anyone. Everyone knows a man that old is too senile to do anything competently. Or so I am told.

  4. BadWolf63 says:

    Sadly it is an Hoax

    the common source is a youtube video with only audio which is only a text read with an electronic voice reader.

  5. Michal Slahor says:

    Putin is the man. He increased living standards six fold, arrested Rothschild Oligarchs, got his countries Oil back, while The Ukraine got conned into the “Berezovsky” [NWO Khazar Oligarch] orange revolution, they woke up. Yushenko lost badly to Kremlin man Yanukovich, URA! Living standards in Russia are said to be 3-4x better than The Ukraine and our friends in The Ukraine have? awoken. Slava, from the NON-ABM hosting Slovakia!

  6. D Meyers says:

    Thanks for this information. I will post your? video on my blog.

  7. bungal0o says:

    make sure you got a waterboard at the ready so you dont lose any valuable torture time… keep this scumbag? on the brink, but keep him alive . torture him morning, noon, and night. for as long as his body will allow. FUKK YOU SOROS.. WHAT GOES ROUND…….