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I like to change just my name about my social protection card plus I reside inside Queens NY

Answer by vprojas
How to Legally Change The Name inside NY City

Getting All the Papers

1.To change the name inside NYC, we require a Petition, an Order, plus the Birth Certificate. You are able to download empty duplicates of the Petition plus Order at the bottom of the page.
2.Complete the Petition plus Order by adding a individual info. If anything from #5-9 inside the Petition applies to we, just explain. For instance, in the event you have ever been convicted of the crime, state whenever, where, as well as for what we were convicted plus what occurred with a case.
3.For the grounds of the application, state any we desire the judge to learn about why we wish a name change. You never should employ some of the code inside the empty Petition—it is simply an illustration. It is completely about we what you need to share with all the judge regarding a factors for changing the name, only thus lengthy because what we state is true.
4.Name changes have to be published inside a newspaper, except the judge states we don’t need to due to a risk to a protection. Should you have any particular factors why you’d be in danger in the event you published, add those to #11. For instance, many survivors of domestic violence or detest offences believe they will be in danger when they published their individual info.
5.Sign the Petition with your legal name plus have it notarized. If you never know English, whoever translated the Petition for you need to signal plus have notarized an “affidavit of translation.”
6.Get a licensed copy of the birth certificate, should you don’t absolutely have 1. Should you were born inside NYC, go to or call 212-788-4520 to obtain out how to receive a copy. Should you were born inside NY State, go to:
7.If you’re an immigrant whom has status inside the U.S. plus lives inside NY, we have a proper to change a name here. If you never have a birth certificate, you need to be capable to employ immigration documents rather. Should you are an undocumented immigrant plus reside inside NY, you might equally be capable to change the name here, nevertheless it really is a wise decision to speak to a attorney initially.
8.Under the law, trans folks can not be needed to show supporting healthcare evidence regarding the transitions to change the names. Many of the time, judges properly follow the law. However, certain judges nevertheless wrongly deny name changes from trans folks without health evidence. If you want to include healthcare documentation, you have a doctor, social employee, or psychologist write a letter explaining why they help the name change petition. If the name change does receive denied considering we didn’t include health evidence, you are able to either find legal assist to receive a name change granted without it, or you are able to submit the healthcare evidence at which point.
9.If we have unlawful convictions, you’ll furthermore should submit a certificate of temperament for every conviction or perhaps a hip-hop sheet. There are a copy of the certificate(s) of temperament within the courtroom where we were convicted. The Legal Action Center is a non-profit which assists persons receive duplicates of their hip-hop sheets (212-243-1313). Should you are low-income, you need to not need to pay a fee for these documents. Should you choose to submit a hip-hop sheet, you need to look it over carefully. Often, there are errors about hip-hop sheets. If a hip-hop sheet shows which there is a warrant open for the arrest, it is very significant which we take care of which before we file a hip-hop sheet inside courtroom. Talk to a attorney for information.
10.Attaching alternative documentation regarding aspects we state inside a Petition may result in the procedure smoother. For instance, in the event you are asking to be excused from publication due to domestic violence plus have an Order of Protection, attaching a copy of which purchase to the application may aid. Also, should you cannot afford to pay the fee for filing a name change, delivering a copy of a honor letter or different proof of money or inability to pay will enable.

Filing the Papers

1.Once we have the forms willing, you are able to file a name change application inside the civil courtroom of some of the five boroughs, regardless of that borough we reside inside. (Manhattan: 111 Centre Street Bronx: 851 Grand Concourse; Brooklyn: 141 Livingston St.; Queens: 89-17 Sutphin Blvd.; Staten Island: 927 Castleton Ave.). This review is Manhattan-specific. Please note which the task differs inside different boroughs of NY. But, you are able to change a name inside Manhattan regardless of what borough we reside inside. If you go to courtroom inside another borough, please call the courtroom clerk to ensure you’re doing everything properly.
2.After we go from safety to enter the courtroom, go to the clerk’s workplace which handles name changes. In Manhattan, it is very area 118 found on the ground floor level close to the leave.
3.Get found on the line marked “name change.” Tell the clerk you may be filing for a name change plus provide the clerk the forms. If you were born inside NY, the clerk may keep a authentic birth certificate. If you were not born inside NY, the clerk makes a photo

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