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Bench Warrant For Arrest

bench warrant for arrest

So I know this guy who has a bench warrant for his arrest. I read his letter and it says he can be arrested whenever he comes in contact with a police officer. I really don’t like this guy, so I want him to get arrested now. If I were to leave an anonymous tip to the police about where he resides, will they go out of their way to arrest him?

Answer by rickinnocal
The cops will only very rarely go out of their way to serve a bench warrant. Usually they are served only if the cops happen to, for example, stop the guy for speeding and run his license.

Even then, cops will often just tell the guy “Hey, you have a bench warrant, go get it cleared up.” A guy I sued several months ago blew off the debtors exam three times, and the judge put an bench warrant out to try to force him to come for one. He owns an auto repair shop three blocks from the sheriffs headquarters…. and I can’t get them to pick him up.


Answer by Little Princess
Not likely. A bench warrant is kind of like the lowest grade of warrant there is. It’s the sort of thing courts do if you fail to show up for jury duty. >99.9% of the time, it only comes into play when the person already has some involvement with the police. And even then, it’s often left to the discretion of the officer if they want to bother taking him in. Such as if he gets pulled over for speeding and shows a bad attitude towards the cop, they might exercise the warrant and arrest him. But simply calling up the police and telling them where the person with a bench warrant is wont get them to go arrest him.

Answer by Lexa
Depends on what he’s charged with.
You can leave an anonymous tip, but if his crime is something stupid like not paying speeding tickets, they’ll just wait till they catch him driving, since his license would undoubtedly be suspended, so they can ADD charges of driving without a license.
It’s really up to the cops whether they think it’s worth their time.