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Arrest Without Warrant Queensland

Case 1:

A CAMPING trip to Rainbow Beach found on the weekend of last year’s state election ended up costing Anna-Rose Quadrio over $ 470 inside fines following she forgot to vote.

The 24-year-old administrative assistant was amidst over 166,000 folks to be slapped with fines by the Electoral Commission of Queensland for failing to exercise their democratic appropriate inside last year’s state plus localized government elections.

The $ 27 million value of fines issued were automatically referred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry, that is trying to manage a debt of $ 838 million.

In a statement to the ECQ, Ms Quadrio mentioned the March 24 poll “totally slipped her mind” whenever she went away along with her partner found on the four-day trip.

The reason wasn’t considered valid by the ECQ, that pointed available had been a polling booth at Rainbow Beach providing Ms Quadrio “ample solutions to cast her vote”.

The commission then referred its $ 100 fine to SPER that added an automatic $ 56.90 management fee.

However inside an unexplained twist, Ms Quadrio was then issued 2 further fines of $ 156.90 for the same offence, despite that the ECQ had accepted her cause for not voting inside another poll, the April nearby government elections.

Ms Quadrio mentioned she was told by SPER when she didn’t pay, she might lose her driver’s licence, her pay can be docked or an arrest warrant issued.

“For a democratic nation you have the flexibility to vote, you could have the versatility to not vote without worry of persecution,” she mentioned. “It really appeared thus over the best plus ridiculous.”

Her furious dad mentioned at a time whenever the State Government was reviewing the future of compulsory voting, it was extreme for the ECQ to be thus rigorously enforcing fines for not voting.

“It is an abysmal situation whenever a young individual, whom is otherwise an exemplary citizen, encounters suspension of her driver’s licence considering she didn’t vote inside democratic elections,” Mr Quadrio mentioned.

An ECQ spokesman refused to comment about Ms Quadrio’s case.

The Newman Government this week blamed a spike inside fines within the ECQ because among the factors for the increasing debt being managed by SPER.

Case 2:

VOLUNTARY voting recommends have been granted a Full Court of the High Court hearing inside 7 days time.

The move is unusual considering the High Court has bypassed an application for specialized leave to appeal inside favour of the full courtroom hearing, that is performed just for instances of specialized value or constitutional importance.

South Australian guy Anders Holmdahl failed last June inside a Supreme Court call to overturn an Australian Electoral Commission fine for not voting inside the 2010 federal election.

Acting for Mr Holmdahl, Kevin Borick, mentioned “I think it signifies they consider the case significant plus you have a chance”.

Mr Borick mentioned lawyers might argue which the Australian constitution offers electors the proper to create their choice totally, unforced plus freely.

The Australian Electoral Commission plus The Attorney-General for the State of South Australia vs Anders Holmdahl is heard at about 12 April 2013 inside Canberra with a video link to the Angas Street offices of the courtroom from 9am Adelaide time.
Shouldn’t persons have the appropriate to not be piece of the procedure?

Answer by Who’s Warlow?
No, I don’t feel sorry at all. It’s not which difficult to appeal it. I had to travel to Sydney throughout the last election, plus I was exempted within the fine. Btw, the obsession with compulsory voting is getting from hand.

Answer by Cecil
No I never feel sorry. People’s rights plus freedoms is not anything to be taken lightly. Democracy doesn’t really arise. An exemplary citizen might at minimum turn up at the election booth, cast a postal vote or vote inside the week beforehand instead of leave it to somebody else.

In a fundamentalist democracy including Australia, persons cannot have the appropriate to not be piece of the procedure.

Answer by Minty
LOL at “makes individuals do”. What, receive amnesia?

No I don’t feel sorry.
How can it be potential to forget to vote whenever you are constantly swamped with political advertising before any election.
If anybody has a valid cause why not appeal the fine.
For goodness sake provide it a rest!

Edit: They do have a choice. Turn up or pay the fine, easy certainly.
The are many choices offered by the AEC.
How to vote.