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Santa Cruz Police Arrest 3 After Search Warrant in Los Gatos

… Search Warrant in Los Gatos. A total of 23 firearms and 10 grams of methamphetamine were seized during the search. … Santa Cruz sheriff's deputies made three arrests this week after executing a search warrant in Los Gatos. The sheriff's office …

I also heard that under the new Grant v Arizona law cops cant search your car or less it pertains to the initial stop. Is this correct.

Answer by John Saetz
In most areas, they only need consent to search in glove compartment/trunk, or other such places. They can look in the car and under the seats without consent though.

Answer by J
You are correct. This is a recent ( in the last year about) Supreme Court ruling.
This came about because AZ was famous for being stopped for minor traffic
violations and the cops would go on a fishing expedition looking for anything,
tearing cars apart at times. Once you are arrested though it still gets more
complicated. They still have to have probable cause. What goes on in local
jurisdictions doesn’t always jive with the Supreme Court. The thing about search
and seizure law it changes literally daily because the cops are always testing how
much they can get away with. Bottom line, if you think it might be illegal, don’t risk it.

Answer by vdpphd
It is a little more complicated.

The police may stop you for a vehicle violation, a moving violation, or suspicion of driving under the influence. They may examine anything they can see while sitting in the driver’s seat. They require probable cause to open closed compartments, but that could be a mere resemblance to a vehicle or suspect wanted in regard to another call, or failure to pass field sobriety tests, or uncooperative or suspicious behavior. With probable cause they can open the compartments and visually inspect the contents, including glove compartment and trunk. If they find any evidence of contraband they can impound and dismantle the car.

You can be arrested for any evidence in plain sight, or any evidence discovered by opening compartments with probable cause. Lacking probable cause or evidence in plain sight, the most they can do is cite you for the violation for which you were stopped, and for not wearing a seat belt, if anyone was not wearing theirs when the cops stopped the car. They are cannot legally arrest you for a crime if they did not have probable cause to search for evidence of that crime.

There you have it. Always hide the evidence, never carry dope around in a transparent container, do not keep paraphrenalia in your car, be calm and polite to all police officers at all times, and always act as if you are not violating any laws.