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Calgary, Canada (PRWEB) August 26, 2004

Based on the past week of counterfeit enforcement activity, as reported through the DOPIP Security Competitive Intelligence Report, more than 49 incidents were recorded, involving 157 individuals from 14 countries, resulting in the seizure of 820,004 pieces and losses estimated at more than $ 9,872,878 (USD). 48 of these individuals were sentenced as a result of their counterfeit activity to a total of 16 years, which averages just 4 months per crime.

The variety of counterfeit items seized included more than 44 categories, with digital media (CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and VHFs) accounting for 16%, followed by currency (10%), passport and visas (10%), and checks (7%).

82% of the counterfeit enforcement activity for this period focused on raids, seizures and arrests. The remaining activity was directed towards investigations (2%), charges (5%), convictions (4%), sentences (7%).

According to Glen Gieschen, Managing Director of Gieschen Consultancy, “The bright spot of the week was an Indian printer that was raided and more than $ 1,000,000 in printing, hologram manufacturing and packaging equipment were seized which will result in a temporary weakening of the counterfeit market in India. I also expect many of the raids to lead to further investigations and seizures which will prove links to organized crime and terrorist fundraising. However, given that 57% of the counterfeits were aided with the use of unsophisticated low cost home computing equipment (scanners, graphics software, printers, CD and DVD burners), the temptation will remain high to continue this activity.”

Further results are as follows:

·????49 Incidents of Counterfeiting activity (investigations, raids, seizures, arrests, charges, sentences), involving 157 individuals, including seizures of 820,004 pieces at an estimated loss value of $ 9,872,878 related to cell phone bags, birth certificates, car windshields, CD players, CDs, cell phone smart cards, cement, certificates of authenticity, checks, cigarettes, clothing, credit cards, currency (India, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Africa, US, Euro), drivers licenses, DVDs, electrical products, fertilizer, films, identity cards, identity documents, immigration stamps, insurance cards, lottery tickets, medical certificates, medicine, packaging, packaging materials, parking placards, passports (Canada, Taiwan, US, UK), perfume, prescription drugs, shoes, social security cards, software, student identification, tickets, TVs, university degrees, VCDs, VHFs, visas, warrants, and watches.

·????Counterfeit methods reported include the use of sophisticated printing and hologram machinery imported from China, photo scanners, laptop computers, high quality printers, printer/scanner/copiers, software, hologram sheets and electrical pressing machines for tampering with passports, skimming and card-making equipment, computer programs to produce checks, multi-drive CD-burning stacks, and schemer machines.

·????20 Brand owners identified (Adidas, Ferrari, Tommy Hilfinger, Versace, Calvin Klein, Mossimo, Nike, Microsoft, Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, Chik, Ariel, Bajaj, Philips, Surya Roshini, Paan Parag, Baba, Goa, Manikchand and Swiss Army).

·????Information from 15 Countries (Australia, Bangladesh, China, Guyana, India, Italy, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Landa, UAE, UK, and USA)

About DOPIP SCI Reports

DOPIP is a powerful source of information regarding illegal activities such as counterfeiting, forgery, product tampering and diversion. It provides breaking news reports and analysis relating to document, product and intellectual product security. Security technology providers, enforcement agencies, trade organizations, and brand owners will find this information indispensable for detection, deterrence and prevention. DOPIP SCI Reports is available as an annual subscription for $ 195 USD.

For more information visit

About Gieschen Consultancy

Gieschen Consultancy, is a trusted provider of in-depth information, analysis and reporting for the document, product and intellectual property security industry. Gieschen Consultancy applies more than 10 years security experience to assist clients in developing anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and enforcement solutions. Through the knowledge of security technology, criminal Modus Operandi (methods of operation), legal and political issues, statistical information and competitive intelligence, effective strategies are developed, implemented and monitored.

For more information visit


Glen Gieschen

Managing Director

Gieschen Consultancy

[email protected]

Phone 403-256-5680

Calgary, Alberta Canada

I think I have like 2 or 3 warrants for about 15 parking tickets issued in 1995. I tried to get a payment plan but the city of Union City NJ did not gave to me.. I moved to NY and need an ID card, but I don’t want to be arrested at the DMV. Thanks !

Answer by Eofij I
You wont be arrested since NY DMV doesn’t do criminal background checks before issuing ids. If you had a felony warrant then you would have to be worried since your SSN would be flagged.

(PRWEB) November 29, 2003

“Driving while Black” has become an increasingly well known phrase. It is used to describe the discrimination faced by African Americans due to racially biased enforcement of traffic laws in the US. “Traveling while Black” may be a somewhat more foreign concept to non-Blacks but many people of color immediately recognize the terminology. African-Americans have long suffered injustice due to racial profiling. Discrimination while traveling is an important issue for Blacks and non-whites. All people of color must be aware of the potential for racially motivated complications while traveling. Blacks

must also educate themselves and know how to diminish the potential for problems. Renaissance Travel Group’s ITA/CLIA Travel Agent, ID Card program shifts the power to Blacks making “Traveling While Black” a whole new experience.

Blacks must equip themselves with the tools and information that will make traveling a more rewarding and safe experience for themselves and their loved ones in these difficult times. Heightened security in this post-911 era is of course necessary. The problems associated with “Traveling While Black,” however, have increased along with these tightened security measures. Blacks can empower themselves to navigate through this difficult situation by exploring means of making themselves less vulnerable. Traveling with a certified travel agent ITA/CLIA ID card is a very effective way for Blacks to negate some

of the potential problems while traveling domestically and abroad. Blacks can travel safely and with relatively more ease with this type of inexpensive identification. Careful preparation, mindfulness and taking advantage of tools, tricks of the trade and special travel agent incentives, credentials and perks can position Blacks to enjoy the kind of travel experiences that many others have secretly enjoyed for years.

Whenever ordinary (oft times deficient) human beings are given power by a governing establishment, one can expect abuse. The best way to handle the abuse that will inevitably occur is to be prepared for it. Blacks can benefit by placing themselves in the most empowered and prepared position possible when traveling in the US and abroad. Blacks and their families can travel well, safely and securely with just a bit more preparation, planning and by an enhanced sense of

community even while traveling domestically and abroad. Black CEO Bibi Jarvis with Renaissance Travel Group, LLC endeavors to help Blacks become aware of the many things they can do to make traveling less hazardous, more enjoyable and substantially less expensive.

Here are some important tips and information that all African Americans and non-whites need to be aware of “Traveling while Black”:

1. Network With Your Community

Be sure that you are aware of what is going on with a particular airline, new security procedures and how Blacks are received

and being treated in various areas of the country and the world. Blacks should know what to expect when traveling to new places. Research the culture, openness to diverse visitors as well as the attitudes of law enforcement and security personnel. It is well worth the effort to ask around, communicate with Blacks who have already traveled or vacationed in the places you wish to visit. Be prepared. Connect with a Black travel agent and/or agency that can address your unique concerns and needs. Read as much as possible about the countries in which you plan to travel. Informing yourself about a nation’s history , culture, customs and politics will make your stay more meaningful and less troublesome. Such information can be found in

most libraries, bookstores and tourist bureaus. Although English is spoken in many countries, it is a good idea to learn what you can of the language of the country in which you will be traveling. Renaissance Travel Group agents are happy to provide brochures and tourist information about the countries that you wish to visit. Write [email protected] with specific questions on the destination of your choice.

2. Select a Secure Hotel

Many US corporations have hotels abroad that are owned by local businessmen and staffed by local workers but managed by first class US hoteliers. You usually can expect levels of safety and security that are consistent with US standards. Renaissance Travel Group can provide a list of recommended hotels. Check with the Regional Security Officer at the US Embassy for a list of hotels utilized by officials visiting the area.

3. More Than Just a Passport is Needed When Traveling Abroad

Trouble-free traveling abroad requires a few other forms of identification along with a passport. For information on obtaining a passport contact: The Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs at Due to heightened security a passport may not be sufficient to get you smoothly through all check-points, procedures etc. Always have several forms of valid photo identification. An excellent enhancement to identification credentials when traveling while Black is an authentic travel agent’s ID ITA/CLIA card. It will identify you as a travel agent giving you the added benefit of status, VIP treatment while traveling and photo identification. Your Travel Agent ID card will also grant you financial advantages, discounts and deals that only travel agent’s are privy to. Look into getting this card under the ‘Independent Travel Agent’ section at: Keep your passport and ID cards with you at all times. The only time that you should relinquish it is to the hotel if required by law when registering or if you are required to identify yourself to local authorities for any reason.

4. Get the Lowest Fare Rates Available

Never search sites by hand looking for the best times and fares. It is impossible. There is a free software program called BoardingPass that searches over 200 sites instantly and will report back to you with the lowest fare available on the entire Internet with just one click. This saves you time and money and makes “Traveling while Black” an immensely more enjoyable experience. NBC News highlighted the free BoardingPass software on a news program about travel aired last year. To watch a clip of the NBC News report go to:????????????????To get your own free BoardingPass go to:

5. Make Sure All Photo ID’s Have a Recent Photo.

Your driver’s license, passport and/or ITA/CLIA card should have a recent updated photo. If your current hair including facial hair, glasses, etc., appear look noticeably different from your photo, seriously consider having all ID’s updated to reflect this. Remember, some poorly trained and inept individuals working in airports only need the slightest provocation to hassle a person of color while traveling. Do not give them an easy excuse. Your identification

should include two passport quality photographs. Photographs must be 2×2 inches in size. The image size from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head should be between 1 inch and 13/8 inches. They may be in color or black and white.

6. Show Up Early and Book Early Flights

Travelers who are flying are being advised to arrive early to the airport. For domestic flights, they are asked to show up

two hours before. For international flights, it’s three hours. Although those following this rule normally end up wasting a

lot of time at the airport waiting for their flight, if you are Black, it is very possible that you will be

subject to much more scrutiny by security officers than other passengers. It is in your best interest to prepare for this

possibility than to allow someone to ruin your travel plans. Most airline trips are uneventful but the potential for

problems always exists when Blacks travel. Steps can be taken, however, to greatly reduce your chances of encountering

problems. Here is some advice for “defensive flying.” When selecting a flight, remember that a departure early in the

day is less likely to be delayed than a later flight, due to “ripple” effects throughout the day. If you book the last

flight of the day, you could get stuck overnight. The more time you spend needlessly waiting around, the more your chances

to run into some type of unforeseen problem increases. All African Americans should book and fly early!

7. Items You Should Not Carry

Since the 911 terrorist attacks, there have been a number of items added to the list of things which passengers are not

allowed to bring with them when they travel, especially by air. There are also restrictions on how many items travelers can

take with them. Make sure to call the airlines, train or bus you will be traveling with or go to their website to get this

list of approved or disapproved items. Pack your bags accordingly so that you have no problems if and when you are asked to

undergo a baggage check. If you are traveling in your personal car, avoid packing anything that might arouse suspicion

(i.e. sharp objects, etc.) if you are stopped by local police for any reason. It might actually be a good idea to follow the

guidelines for air travelers in this regard. You are scrutinized while traveling in the same way that you are profiled

while driving. It is wrong…but it happens. Again, be prepared.

8. Be Careful of What You Pack

You could have your luggage searched, due to the heightened security measures. That is why you need to not only pack light,

but also avoid packing any personal items you would not want a stranger to see. Avoid putting the following in checked

baggage: Valuables (cash, jewelry). Don’t rely on suitcase locks; they are easily defeated. Critical items (medicine, keys,

passport, tour vouchers, business papers). Irreplaceable items (manuscript, heirlooms). Fragile items (camera, eyeglasses,

glass containers). If these must be checked, wrap them carefully in padding. Perishables. Carry the above items either: on

your person, or in a small bag that you carry on board. Put a tag on the outside of your baggage with your name, home

address, and home and work phone numbers. Check with the airline for any limits it has on the size, weight, or number of

carry-on bags.

9. AFRICAN AMERICANS: Absolutely Avoid Arrest

Any person who physically assaults or threatens to physically assault a crew member or any other individual on an aircraft is

subject to a civil penalty of up to $ 25,000 under Federal law. US Department of Transportation – Federal Aviation


????Drug Arrests

About 3,000 Americans are arrested abroad each year. Of these, approximately one-third are held on drug charges. Despite

repeated warnings, drug arrests and convictions are still a common occurrence. Many countries have stiff penalties for drug

violations and strictly enforce drug laws. If you are caught buying, selling, carrying or using any type of drug — from

hashish to heroin, marijuana to mescaline, cocaine to quaaludes – YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. You are subject to foreign laws

overseas, not US laws, and, if arrested, you will find that:

Few countries provide a jury trial.

Trials are often long, with delays and postponements.

Most countries do not accept bail.

Pre-trial detention, often in solitary confinement, may last for months.

If you are convicted, you face a possible sentence of:

???????? 2 – 10 years in many countries

???????? A minimum of 6 years hard labor and a stiff fine in some countries

???????? The death penalty in a number of countries (e.g. Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia)

US citizens have been arrested abroad on drug charges because they possessed just one ounce or less of marijuana. The risk

of being jailed for just one marijuana cigarette is simply not worth it! Once you are arrested, the US consular officer

CANNOT get you out of jail nor out of the country! There is a very serious chance that you could spend the rest of your life

in a foreign prison if you are caught abroad with any type of drugs. Be advised.

10. Keep At Least Two Photo IDs On You

Be sure to carry two forms of identification at all times. If you are a green card or visa holder, be sure to carry these

documents with you when you travel, along with an up-to-date passport. Even while traveling by car, carry at least one other

picture ID with you apart from your license, such as a state ID. Make sure that all forms of ID that you are using have not

expired, especially passports, visas, and green cards. Acceptable proof includes: previous US passport;

Naturalization Certificate; Certificate of Citizenship; current, valid driver’s license; government ID (city, state, or

federal); CLIA/ITA Travel Agent ID Card, military ID (military and dependents); work ID (must be currently employed by the

company); student ID (must be currently enrolled); Merchant Marines card (also known as a Seamen’s or Z card); pilot or

flight attendant ID. Note: Social Security cards are NOT acceptable as identification. Also, make sure that all of your IDs

have the same name and are all spelled correctly to avoid any confusion.

11. Be Careful Crossing Borders

Forget the good old days of easy travel between the US and Canada border. Blacks are strongly urged to travel with all

relevant documents just in case you are profiled because of your looks, religion or origin, travel with all relevant

documents. That means a passport if you are citizen, green card if you are a resident alien and passport with visa if you

are in any other capacity. Do not rely on anything else like a birth certificate, etc. Again, taking the time to get a

travel agent ID card will make all your travels substantially more convenient, safer and cheaper.

12. Examine Your Airline Boarding Pass

Take the time to look at your airline boarding pass. If you see several strange looking markings or stars on it, it means

you have been selected for extra security checks before you board your flight. That’s why you should not waste too much time

browsing at the airport’s stores or in its restaurants before getting on the plane. Allow yourself more time and be ready.

Stay calm, listen to all questions and answer carefully.

13. Do not Confront While Being Profiled

Do not be offended if you are singled out. Remain calm and allow yourself to be subject to more scrutiny than other passengers

because of the color of you skin, etc. Questioning why you are being singled out publicly may not be a good idea. It will

only make people more suspicious of you, since they may think you have something to hide. Even worse, it may give the

impression you are trying to break the law or resist arrest. It is in your best interest in this situation to just cooperate

, be patient, and take detailed notes of what has happened, as well as the names of those involved. Just avoid confrontation.

Know that you are not the first African American or person of color to be treated this way. Your community is with you in

spirit and it needs you to get through the injustice unharmed and free. Stay calm.

14. File Your Complaint

If you notice officials have definitely discriminated against you, then note down all of the information on the spot with

names, times, the location, and if there were any witnesses. From there, lodge a complaint against the airlines with the

Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division. You can also call them at (202) 366-2220 or send an

e-mail to [email protected] In addition, you can send detailed complaint letters to them at the following address:

Aviation Consumer Protection Division

US Department of Transportation

400 7th Street, S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20590

15. Avoid All Signs of Trouble

To diminish the risks of becoming an innocent bystander victim of a terrorist attack and reduce your exposure to the criminal

threat, there are a number of things that you should remember when checking into an airport. In the event of a disturbance

of any kind, go in the opposite direction. Do not get involved. Plan to check in early for your flight to avoid long lines at

the ticket counter. Go directly to the gate or secure area after checking your luggage. (Secure Zone Area between

security/immigration and the departure gate.) Avoid waiting rooms and shopping areas outside the secure areas. Stay away from

glass wall areas and airport coffee shops which are open to the concourse or public waiting areas.

16. Check Travel Warnings and Consular Info

Countries where avoidance of travel is recommended will have Travel Warnings as well as Consular Information Sheets issued by the State Department. Public Announcements are a means to disseminate information

about terrorist threats and other relatively short-term and/or trans-national conditions posing significant risks to the

security of American travelers. Consular Information Sheets are available for every country of the world. They include such

information as location of the US Embassy or Consulate in the subject country, unusual immigration practices, health

conditions, minor political disturbances, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug

penalties. If an unstable condition exists in a country that is not severe enough to warrant a Travel Warning, a description

of the condition(s) may be included under an optional section entitled “Safety/Security.” As the Department continues to

develop information on any potential security threats to US citizens overseas, it shares credible threat information

through its consular information program documents, available on the Internet at In addition to

information on the Internet, travelers may obtain up-to-date information on security conditions by calling 1-888-407-4747

toll-free in the US or outside the US and Canada on a regular toll line at 1-317-472-2 328.

17. Safety for Blacks While Traveling in Numbers

If possible, travel with at least two other people for not only safety and companionship, but also so that you have witnesses

who can testify on your behalf if you are subjected to discrimination or other problems. Group travel is also more cost

effective and even convenient as group tours can be planned, arranged and prepared for you and your group. This is another

huge perk of traveling with your travel agent ID card. Renaissance Travel Group can have your entire group trip planned

for you. Check out hot group travel deals and specials at

18. Save Your Receipts

Many Blacks and other non-whites accused of doing wrong were saved because they had some parking

lot, or gas station receipt to prove they were not involved in wrongdoing at a certain time. In today’s world, where

Blacks are found guilty by association, it is important to be extremely vigilant. Collect your receipts no matter how

useless they may seem. Such items can be invaluable to your defense if somebody is profiles you because of your looks,

name or brown or black skin. Also, consider paying by credit card, which provides certain protections under Federal credit regulations. For example, in all

recent airline bankruptcies passengers who had charged their fare and were not provided service were able to have their

credit card company credit their account for the amount of the fare. Your credit receipt also provides further proof of your

actions and whereabouts should the need arise.

19. Write About What Happens to You and Share Your Experience

Write about your stories of discrimination while traveling. It is important for us to write and preserve these experiences.

It is not just about terrorism, it is about tyranny and racism. Today, it is Blacks and brown-skinned women and men who are

targets. Tomorrow, it will be someone else. Connect and become part of the ACLU, Amnesty International and other

organizations fighting for human rights and civil liberties.

20. Black on Black Support

Resolve to share this and all helpful information that you receive with every other Black person you know. You could be

saving someone’s life without even knowing it. Blacks are in this together and will get through it together.

Dedicate yourself to be being part of the solution. As more and more African American and non-white travelers discover the

power of traveling with an exclusive ITA/CLIA Travel Agent ID card more and more people will be “Traveling While Black &

Never Going Back”!

ABOUT Renaissance Travel Group, LLC

Renaissance Travel Group, LLC is owned by Black, female CEO, Bibi Jarvis. Our corporate affiliation is with is TraveLogia

Corporation. ( Visit: ) A major part of RTG’s mission is to empower the Black community

with the trillion dollar travel industry. The Black consumer and the Black non-profit organizations, churches,

businesses and entrepreneurs benefit greatly from the information, resources, training and credentials Renaissance Travel

Group makes available. Renaissance Travel Group is especially interested in connecting the African American/minority

community with a powerful economic power source which will allow many individuals to start their own independent businesses,

build wealth and get revenues that have been flowing out of the Black community flowing back into it.

Renaissance Travel Group, LLC is actively seeking talented individuals of color and minority owned businesses for strategic

partnerships, affinity groups and independent affiliation arrangements that are substantially and mutually financially

beneficial to all parties involved. Qualified and interested individuals ate encouraged to contact us to arrange an

interview and conference.

Renaissance Travel Group, LLC makes available from time to time, specially reduced travel promotions, offers and

travel club products and services. Some of these offers are in the form of travel vouchers. A tremendous amount of due-diligence goes into designing and selecting all of our programs and the suppliers that we work with. In fact, the suppliers

that we do work with must comply with all Seller of Travel – Consumer Protection Laws, be registered in most cases with

their State Attorney General’s office, maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance, belong to leading Travel Industry

Professional Associations and much more. No one is more concerned about quality and integrity that we are. We offer a

valuable complimentary hotel accommodation package as a gift to all who desire it. There is no purchase necessary nor is

it in any way associated with any timeshare presentation or any other such program. We are proud of that fact and encourage you

to visit us and claim your free accommodations and BoardingPass software. It is yours for the asking with no obligations.

We simply consider this the best way to help African Americans and other travelers discover our phenomenal company.

The ITA/CLIA Travel Agent ID Card program is optimal for Blacks who wish to travel with prestige for exclusive travel agent

rates. This type of certification is usually very costly and is not accompanied by a travel package. The travel package

alone offers more travel than most people use in a year. Many people–mostly Blacks will pay a lot more for travel than

they have to this year. Our goal is to help reduce the numbers of Blacks losing money by not taking advantage of sweet

deals such as this. Renaissance Travel Group is very proud to offer the ITA/CLIA Travel Agent ID Card with Vacation Package

to African American travelers for just $ 399. The ITA/CLI identity cards with ITA Travel Package offers the following benefits:

Reduced airfares on major international airlines

Discounts in the United States and abroad, including transportation, accommodations, vacation specials, car rentals, etc.

4-day, 3-night cruise to Bahamas or Enseneda, Mexico;

Airfare for 2 up to 8 times a year with discounted hotel (London, Jamaica, Cancun, Tahiti, Honolulu, California);

One companion flies free voucher;

Unlimited condo resort rentals at $ 319 (8-days, 7-nights);

30 up to $ 100 off airfare coupons;

Car rentals…and more

International Travel Agent ID and recognition

Unlimited amount of FREE 3 day/ 2 night hotel accommodation gift packages to give to family and friends

Option to use ID and perks for personal travel only or to generate additional income or start one’s own business as

Independent Travel Agent

For more details and information about applying for ITA/CLIA Travel Agent identity cards, contact the Renaissance Travel

Group, LLC. Or review information on ‘Independent Travel Agent’ at

This article is provided to assist Black/African Americans and minorities in becoming more informed consumers of travel.

If you should have any questions about our programs or others that you see in the marketplace, please feel free to contact us.

LB Lacey, COO Renaissance Travel Group, LLC

[email protected]


Renaissance Travel Group, LLC

Washington, DC Home Office