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i received a ticket around 3 years ago, i cant remember howmuch it was for but i do know it was for dashing (over twenty miles i feel). i remaining and moved to canada (obtained married) and forgot to shell out it (i think?) so i am pondering how i can locate out if there is a warrant for my arrest. i dont have quotation amount and ive presently known as the metropolis polices that i could believe of that i drove around in and they had been all damaging. is there a likelihood that i could go to jail
i am at the moment in TX and i havent been driving bc im afraid. i cant don’t forget how considerably the ticket expense, i feel it was pretty high! i have attempted and compensated for this on the web file thing the place i can see if my title is on there for arrest warrants but nothing but i still am not particular. id have to wait around until monday but im sooo nervous! i dont want to be arrested and then have them take my baby absent
and i feel the ticket was someplace in the 400 assortment? but that sounsd truly higher…. but if it was like 450 , how much fascination would it have accrued in three a long time, /sigh i really feel like a moron. i contact it university stupidity

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verify with the point out police/or freeway patrol of the condition

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for a ticket? nah.. probably a huge good