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Canton PD Obtains Arrest Warrants for Burglar

Detectives have obtained arrest warrants for Paul Phillips, a 58-year-old white guy whom resides inside Canton. Although Phillips is currently inside the hospital, he’ll shortly be arrested plus charged with 3 counts of initial degree burglary plus 1 count of …
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Port St. Lucie, FL (PRWEB) June 14, 2011

In Florida, Port St. Lucie authorities state they arrested a mom, her boyfriend, her son, her nephew, along with a friend about 50 felony warrants. What cause the arrests? Surveillance cameras purchased at Home Security Store, plus set up at the house of 1 smart cop.

According to courtroom documents, William Berry was arrested about 22 warrants, Georgia Brown about 8 warrants, Michael Oliver about 19 warrants, Eddie Oliver about 2 warrants, plus Alex Flynn about 1 warrant.

According to courtroom documents, from December of last year to February of the year, the suspects allegedly targeted homes plus cars looking for top quality construction tools, compressors, generators, plus electronic equipment. “They would then allegedly take the products plus pond the stolen goods for income to help their drug behavior,” states Port St.Lucie Police Detective Christopher DAngelo.

The key (alleged) culprits will be Michael plus William, courtroom documents indicate. They might really go plus enter the cars (allegedly) or the garages or the sheds plus Eddy will be the lookout. They might try to hit 2 to 4 houses a evening, mentioned D’Angelo.

According to courtroom records, investigators recovered around $ 80,000 inside stolen products, however whenever the ring of thieves got too close to a string of surveillance cameras, the game was over. This really is where Port St. Lucie Police officer Peter Chunn comes inside, whom set up a CCTV surveillance program at his own house plus captured the culprits on-camera whenever they reportedly tried to break into his friends house.

Chunn purchased the Do-It-Yourself surveillance equipment at, utilizing the sites Build The Surveillance System inside 6 Simple Steps software.

I setup the program plus installed it inside 2 days, all below $ 1000. The camera setup had been a cinch, the wiring took a bit longer, mentioned Chunn. Chunn adds it had been a superior thing he had the program inside spot considering these culprits were stealing everything which wasnt nailed down.

I reside inside a secure neighborhood, however, crime will arise anywhere. The suspects (allegedly) broke into my friends house by the back window, stole a wallet off the table, then left plus came to my driveway, Chunn mentioned.

Chunn claims which his cameras caught the suspects about tape whenever they were allegedly breaking inside upcoming door, yet whenever they came to Chunns property, the pic was crystal obvious. Chunn adds which you think moved right about his parked squad automobile, looked inside it, left, then went to a nearby fuel station to test plus allegedly employ a stolen credit card. Again, the suspects were caught about tape, this time by the fuel station surveillance cameras, thus indicates courtroom records. In turn, investigators developed certain leads.

We prepared contact with William Berry at his house plus thats whenever you recovered possibly regarding 55 pieces of stolen property inside the back of his home, DAngelo mentioned. At which point you were capable to part together many of the continuous investigations.

The suspects are awaiting trial plus may stand before the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. In the meantime, Chunn claims he has caught many vandals with his surveillance equipment plus suggests anybody worried with safeguarding their property do because he did purchase certain protection equipment plus install it oneself.

I think which inside 2011, a house safety program is a truly useful tool which assists help we, plus law enforcement, by documenting any illegal or merely plain suspicious activity which we because a homeowner might like to learn about. Its significant to safeguard your loved ones from will be thieves any means you are able to, along with a house surveillance program does simply which, Chunn mentioned.

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Suspects are awaiting trial. Their case numbers are because follows

William Johnruss Berry, DOB 5/17/89, arrested 2/17/11 by Port St. Lucie Police Department for numerous counts of burglary, dealing inside stolen property, grand theft plus providing fake info to a pawnbroker, case numbers 2011CF000604, 2011CF000605, 2010MM3545, 2011CF000816, 2011CF001416, 2011CF001418, 2011CF001423, 2011CF1424, 2011CF001426.

George Ann Brown, DOB 2/10/64, arrested 5/4/11 by U.S. Marshals Service, for numerous counts of grand theft, dealing inside stolen property plus providing fake info to a pawnbroker, case numbers 2011CF001417, 2011CF001419, 2011CF001420, 2011CF001433, 2011CF000604.

Eddy Howard Oliver, DOB 3/26/87, arrested 5/4/11 by U.S. Mashals Service for burglary, grand theft, case amount 2011CF001427.

Alex Christopher Flynn, DOB 11/18/89, arrested 5/21/11 by Port St. Lucie Police Department for grand theft, case quantity 2011CF001432.

Michael Floyd Oliver, DOB 4/26/71, arrested 3/9/11 by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office for several counts of dealing inside stolen property, burglary, grand theft plus offering fake info to a pawnbroker, case numbers 201CF000816, 2011CF001427, 2011CF001428, 2011CF001430, 2011CF001431 plus 2011CF001435.

I have a relative which was arrested inside Georgia 3 weeks ago. He has an arrest warrant inside the state of California from 18 years ago for violation of probation. He has not had any felonies or issues inside Georgia. My query is how lengthy does the state of California need to come choose him up? Do they usually choose up probation violators? After how various days will his lawyer request bail? I might appreciate any info, thank we.

Answer by Top Source
That will be extradition because far because I learn, plus it’s really unlikely CA might do it bc of the bills, for something.

Depending about what type of crime led to his CA conviction to begin with.

I dont kno if there’s a time limit for requesting bail.

What states frequently do, because they dont frequently extradict, is try to force the arrestee into voluntarily return by carrying them inside jail a some days, nevertheless 3 weeks sounds excessive, esp because he’s been clean inside GA.