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i have 3 refusals, 1 foe spain tourist visa plus additional 2 of greece family visa. shall these refusals create issues inside getting any visa of any nation or shall i create a new passport . please aid.

Answer by Orla C
I’d be thinking why we were refused, me.

Answer by Carajillo
If you’re refused 3 visas, then your cause has to be a severe 1. Should you can’t solve which cause then you’ll usually have a issue.

Answer by GP
A hot passport wouldn’t aid because the visa refusals are entered inside the computer program of the Schengen nations. It depends found on the cause of the refusal whether you’ll receive a visa for alternative Schengen nations. Should it simply have been lost documentation or insufficient funds you might try to forward a simple, complete application supported with right documentation. Should the cause for the refusal nevertheless be based about forged documentation or untrue statements prepared a hot application will be senseless..

Edit: [based found on the contribution of my dear friend Jean-Michel]

Actually visa denials are not entered inside the Schengen Information System (SIS). The SIS database contains the following data:
1. informs aiming at refusing entry or remain of 3rd nation i.e. non-EU associate nationals,
2. informs about people desired for arrest plus surrender or extradition about grounds of the European arrest warrant,
3. informs about disappeared people,
4. informs about people desired for judicial process (people summoned to appear before the judicial authorities inside connection with unlawful proceedings, people that are to be served with a unlawful judgment, witnesses)
5. informs issued for the reasons of discerning surveillance or of particular checks concerning people plus objects,
6. informs about objects desired for the reasons of seizure or employ because evidence inside unlawful proceedings.
Alerts because reported inside para 1. usually is based about before break of law inside a Schengen nation, like illegal overstay or is based about results of intelligence operations.

A 2nd automated program, the Visa Information System (VIS) is within progress to be established. It usually contain all visa denial information and also the fingerprints of visa candidates. At present guide contacting between Schengen nations is necessary before a visa problem, therefore all denial information are accessible at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the individual Schengen nations. The condition is the fact that inside France, Germany, Italy, or Spain grounds for refusal didn’t need to be communicated. This is topic to change efficient the 5th of April 2010 whenever the EU visa code gets into impact. ..

I’m scared the asker is a victim of the program as well as the unbalanced distribution of resources about world.