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arrest type warrant

Hi! Heres a question. My fiancé and I have been planning a closed loop cruise, from miami to the carribean and back. We do not have passports. The thing is he has been stopped by the police and given a court date for driving while liscense revoked. Two days later got stopped again, but in a different county. He chose NOT to go to court in either county, and so now he has a warrant in both counties for not showing up to court. My questions are

1….Can my fiancĂ© get a passport with open warrants? 2, even though we do not need a passport for a closed loop cruise, will the custom officials bother to look up peoples names just to see if anyone has warrants? I have told him to take care of this but he just keeps running from it. I guess I just don’t want to get all the way down there just to watch him go to jail. Thanks for any answers!

Answer by timetravler
To the best of my knowledge he will not be able to get a passport with an outstanding warrant. Also even if he did get a passport, a open warrant would show up when they scan his passport and he would not be able to get on the ship. He needs to fess up and take care of this warrant before you go anywhere. Big mistake to ignore a court date. Now he is in bigger trouble then before.

Answer by Amanda
open warrant will show up during scan

Answer by Mary
He needs to be speaking with his attorney! You might want to consider whether this is a man you want to be with . . .




  1. Lisa says:

    If he was my fiance, I’d suggest he take care of his warrants BEFORE going on a cruise and not just for the cruise, but PERIOD. He doesn’t sound responsible. You should tell him to take care of his business first.

  2. OC1999 says:

    You don’t way what type of warrants they are. If it is a minor misdemeanor warrant(s) it is unlikely that he would have an issue. If this is a felony or even a higher class of misdemeanor it is possible that they have entered his warrant information.

    As for them bothering to look up passengers. You better believe that they do. In fact when you check-in the cruise line(by law) supplies the passenger list to the Government officials. If during this check the warrant pops up. Not only can he be arrested on the warrants. But because he was leaving the Country(yes even if he says he was planning to return) they may add charges of attempting to flee prosecution. This would then become a FEDERAL offense. If he didn’t want to deal with the County..just wait until he gets to deal with the Feds.

    If by chance he doesn’t get caught leaving..they will check again when he returns. And yes regardless of if he is using his Birth Certificate and ID or a Passport they will verify everything.

    So while he may want to go on a vacation, and nothing may come of the warrants if he does. It is probably safest to deal with those before they become a bigger issue. That is unless you want to become a prison bride.

  3. Mrsjvb says:

    1: a passport will be denied.

    2: yes his name will be flagged and it is possible he will be arrested.

    3: unsolicited advice: do NOT MARRY someone who is willing to blow off little stuff like that. it only leads to bigger stuff. and it not someone you want raising your kids.

  4. Chris H says:

    He can get a passport with misdemeanor warrants as long as he is not on probation which he shouldn’t be because he never appeared in court. However, with a license revocation, he could be on probation and hasn’t told you. Suspension is one thing;revocation is much more serious. If he has a warrant in Dade or any neighboring county, he is quite likely to be arrested re-entering Miami. If it is out of state there is nothing to worry about at that level of offense.