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arrest for out of state warrant

I feel I may have an arrest warrant. How do I do a warrant search?

Response by Leslie S
Not most counties in the US. For individuals that enable you have to examine the web website of the county you believe you got a warrant in. Some will allow you examine on line and other enable you phone or go into the county clerks place of work to check out.

Reply by Legislation Guy

If you believe you may possibly have a warrant for your arrest, you can inquire an lawyer listed on the site. It’s totally free to inquire. Crimiminal protection attorneys have entry to warrants and court docket data.

The other selection for performing a warrant research, is to contact the court in the county you consider you may possibly have a warrant in. You can phone the court docket and request if a warrant has been issued. has links to county courts all through the United States. It truly is also a very good supply if you want far more details on felony defense, and warrants.

Answer by Jay
You can not. You can go to your regional police office and they will be content to help you.